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Hello. I'm new to the forum. I am considering replacing my current car this fall and we added the CR-Z to the short list of prospects after a test drive last week.

My commute is a bit different than most. I live in a rural area at over 6000 feet, and getting to work consists of an 80-mile round trip, the vast majority of which is on an interstate highway with either 65 or 75 mph speed limits. Every late-model vehicle we drive gets far above the usual mpg expectation; for example, my current car, an 2009 Scion XB with an AT, reliably gets over 35mpg in the summer. The five-speed Scion TC that it replaced did even better. Even our full size Dodge truck, officially rated at 14 on the freeway, can do low 20s up here when it's not hauling or towing.

With "normal" cars, I have a reasonable expectation of what mpg performance I'll get in my unusual commute, but the CR-Z introduces some unknowns. Anyone have any real-world experience either with higher altitudes or driving needs that heavily tilt away from city and toward high-speed freeway?
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