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Your expected MPG for the Honda CR-Z?

  • Less than 25 MPG

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 25-35 MPG

    Votes: 10 7.4%
  • 35-45 MPG

    Votes: 86 63.7%
  • More than 45 MPG

    Votes: 39 28.9%

MPG expectations (poll included)

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Tells us your expectations/thoughts for what you think the final factory MPG for CR-Z will be.
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Im hoping for 50 at the least! Prius is already at 45 or Honda should be able to one up those guys
Seems that early predictions are putting this car around the 50 MPG. I voted for 45+ :)
it is heard to be able to run at least 60mpg
25-35 companies always seem to over predict. Look at the chevy volt 200+ or something, crazyness
I voted over 45 although I've seen 40 quoted. Does anyone know what the city/hwy number are assuming the 40 was a blended number? I agree with the comment that Honda SHOULD one up the Prius.

If you know the source of the 40 could you provide a link to it?
Not sure of city/hwy numbers. Haven't seen much detailed info on the crz...mostly just prius/insight. Expect honda to release those numbers soon I hope
If you know the source of the 40 could you provide a link to it?
Found this link that seems to quote/guess some numbers. Doesn't look like Honda has made anything official from what I've seen.

No official numbers are available for 2011 cars, but an educated guess puts EPA fuel economy ratings for the 2011 Honda CR-Z at around 38 mpg city/41 mpg highway. Note that Honda has not chosen ultimate fuel economy as a goal with the Insight, and isn’t likely to do so for the CR-Z. Rather, its IMA hybrid system is designed to deliver a good balance of performance and economy at the lowest possible price. Incidentally, Honda pegs the 2010 Insight at 40 mpg city/43 highway.
I'm liking the 40 city / 43 hwy numbers for the insight, even if CRZ meets it thats awesome!
Voted 45+, hoping the higher the better as this will be my daily driver/commuter car to work!
Optimistic - More than 45 MPG
:hi5: :thumbup: Keep those high number votes rolling in
I'm also hoping for better than 45. Before I knew of the existence of the CRZ I wanted to purchase a Honda Insight generation 1 because of the high mileage. While doing research on the vehicle I happened upon a forum much like this and since the Insight has been out there for a while some folks have gone through the extra tinkering to add to the battery pack. Often this is called a "booster pack" that is charged up from the grid and "creatively" paralleled with the main hybrid battery. If done right, these methods have yielded MPGs over 100 (on shorter trips until the booster pack is depleted). Some have even created modifications to override parts of the IMA computer to apply electricity to the IMA motor at will (providing there is a charge on the hybrid pack). In conclusion I will probably be doing the same kinds of things with the CRZ and do it in such a way to avoid warranty issues.

With these methods my goal would be to get better than 65mpg. Otherwise 45 to 50 mpg will probably be the norm.
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Seems as if the 45 mpg will be the minimum that hybrids are gonna start shooting for.
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