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The wife and I finally took the CR-Z on it's first road trip, about 600 miles round trip over two days. The car did wonderful, though it's arguably not as comfortable on the long haul as my last daily driver, it was still great. We really utilized the cargo trays in the back to their full potential with various electronics, changes of clothing, snacks and of course just various stuff we acquired.

Gas mileage for the trip was 38mpg average.

So, the old 150Z has rolled 5k, I planned on changing the oil around now, but I'm still showing 60% on the counter. The service manager at Honda said, "Do _NOT_ change the factory fill until it gets to 15% on the oil life. After that, you can do whatever."

I waited 10k before changing the factory fill out on my Civic Si and it went nearly 170k miles with absolutely no issues at all, so I don't see a problem.

What's your current mileage?
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