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does anyone know the goals for the Crosstour and if it is on track or not?? btw, i really suspect the TSX wagon numbers being like that b/c it doesn't have a 6MT option...
I couldn't tell you about the Crosstour, but I seem to recall them talking about picking up 20-30K of sale annually. On the TSX Wagon, it is a conundrum. With the current production numbers, its going to be hard for customers to find what they want color/trim wise. In turn, this will discourage many buyers since (IMO) Acura as a brand hasn't 'conditioned' people that waiting 3 months for a car is 'normal'. In a way, the production numbers and thus sales become a 'self fulfilling prophesy.' Since manual transmissions only account for 5-6% of annual sedan sales, I don't think that adding a manual to a car selling 4000 a year is going to impact the numbers in any significant way. (and don't forget, I'm as big a manual tranny booster as you'll find)
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