Looking to sell the manual transmission build I had put together, but never got to install.

Ogura Racing clutch with lightweight flywheel. New in box. Pn: ORC 309D HD0708
850 usd plus shipping. Note: package weighs 25lb. Shipping will be expensive.
Font Gas Cameras & optics Circle Camera accessory

Wavetrac limited slip differential. Used, with slight cosmetic damage. Officially for a civic k20, wavetrac lists the same diff for civic k20 and crz. I have confirmed dimensional accuracy against a stock crz open differential. Includes differential bearings, axle seals, input bearing and seal, as well as hybrid racing detent springs.
850 usd plus shipping. Note: package weighs 15lbs, shipping will not be cheap.
Nickel Gas Auto part Cylinder Metal

Sleeve Font Plastic Transparency Plastic wrap

Font Rectangle Fashion accessory Transparency Electric blue

Hybrid racing short shifter. Used.
350usd plus shipping. Includes original mounting hardware. Will require modifications to the shift boot if you don't want to leave it exposed.
Wood Art Sculpture Creative arts Metal

I am willing to negotiate a little for anyone purchasing all 3 items, especially for in-person pickup.