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It does seem there's something wrong. If its only shining a car length or two. I double checked mine on the way home tonight and its easily several car lengths in distance....pretty far actually. I cant gauge it well when I'm moving, but at a stand still, it goes all the way to the otherside of my jobs parking lot. And it's pretty big. I then thought yours def sounds off. You may want to swing by the dealership and have em check it out. If its out of wack, they will fix it for free and correctly . So you dont have to worry about messing with it yourself and trying to aim it right and such. You don't want to accidentally put too much pressure on those little adjustment tools and break something, especially with it probably being tightly spaced. I mean it's your car and you can do it yourself if you want. Power to you! But... what for? It's brand new, under warrenty. There's no reason why you should BS with it something that could be a factory misadjustment. Thats just what I would do. Good luck though!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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