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I happen the share the OP's concern about the short range of the low beam HIDs. Because of the sharp cut off at the top of the beam, when you are going even the slightest bit downhill, the range of the lights is very short. I think some other cars have self leveling HIDs so that the lights don't end up pointing at the ground when you are driving downhill.

I was very excited about the HIDs when ordering my car, and it is a cleaner, clearer, brighter light. But the sharp cut off at the top makes them far less practical than the conventional lights on my other cars.
I'm with you on this. When filling out another CR-Z survey, I pointed out/gave low points about the cut off on the HIDs. It's very easy to "over drive" the headlights on twisting/hilly roads, especially on the left side. I understand why the cut off is there, but it just seems too low.
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