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Looking for 17" Wheel to Fit Over HPD Brake Kit

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Hi all. I have a HPD CR-Z. As the title suggests, I am looking for a 17" rim to go over my HPD calipers. I prefer using Honda OEM wheels if possible.

The reason I want to know is because IMO, the 18" HPD rims are too wide to use with the winter tires I want (Blizzak/X-Ice/Nokian). With a 17" rim, I can get down to a 205 in width.

I've searched the forum, but the few entries I found don't instill me with the confidence to spend over $1k on wheels that may not fit.

Thanks in advance for any advice you guys can provide.
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Are the HPD calipers just the 11.1" brake package from the Civic or 2016 CR-Z?
Ohhhh, going to need a wheel with massive spoke clearance. Hard to find a wheel with clearance for the 4 and 6 piston calipers and maintain a sane offset.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts