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I know it's kinda bringing this back up from the dead, but just want to say Norm Reeve's West Covina treated me AWESOME when I bought my Civic. Talk to Patrick.

Pasadena Honda on the other hand, nopenopenope, that's where I bought my CR-Z.
Patrick Lucas? he helped me buy my new 2015 CRZ EX at Norm Reeves. It was a great experience, he is awesome. Gave me their "discount" straight out without trying to haggle. The bigboss then gave me another discount giving me $4500 off of the EX... it was a good deal. The CRZ did come with a pro package ($300 worth of accessories but they charge you $900) and they didn't take that away from the discount, eitherway, Patrick is great!

Damn, Pasadena has the cheapest prices on accessories (and installations) when I check the Honda Estore :(
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