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Muteki SR48 Super Tuner Nuts (Open-End)

Muteki tuner wheels lug nuts by Mackin Industries. Muteki, translated as No Equal is extreme performance street lug nuts. These lug nut offer light weight and extra security from its compact size and grid locking system. Muteki lug nuts are available in Open end and Closed end 12x1.25 and 12x1.5 sizes. Colors are chrome, black, and pearl silver, and racking blue. Kit includes 20pcs lug nuts and 1pcs wrench in a clamshell package. Made in Japan.

DO Not Use Power Tool
Using a torque wrench is highly recommended
60 Degree angle taper for use with most aftermarket wheels
(Does Not work on OEM Factory Wheels)

Product Features:
Super light-weight thin-wall contruction using strong light-weight OEM quality materials.
Oversized and taper seat to ensure best contact.
External drive by popular 17mm hex for easier installation.
Full stud engagement and can accomodate long racing studs.
Reliable and stronger than aluminum racing nuts.

Available for most Japanese Vehicles:
12mm X 1.50RH (For most Acura, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu)

Limited Edition Pink $90.00 Free Shipping

Neo Chrome also available $90.00 Free Shipping
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