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LHT Performance builds a CR-Z K20

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LHTPerformance said:
LHT Performance , the first CR-Z K20.We call it KR-Z. The way it should have been built.
We bought the car with the vision to swap in a K20 and have everything work 100%. After a lot of hard work, and many many late nights we introduce the KR-Z
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just leave the battery in the trunk to get more balance front to rear
I did not get the Z for its mpg i got it for its looks and for its ability to be modified. A K-swap would probably be great esp. if you can link it to the IMA to keep the wieght more balanced through the car. I also think the honda may have just launched this version to keep honda in the hybrid spotlight and see how the public would react to this concept which is one of the other main reasons i got it, if the flagship design does not do well then they may just scrap the whole concept and focus more on the accord or the civic or something else. At least they can see that people like the style and concept of the Z and will do more for the car in the future. This is also why i got one with an extended warrenty so down the line i can get a better Z and still be able to sell this one for a decent enough price when the time comes.
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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