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LHT Performance builds a CR-Z K20

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LHTPerformance said:
LHT Performance , the first CR-Z K20.We call it KR-Z. The way it should have been built.
We bought the car with the vision to swap in a K20 and have everything work 100%. After a lot of hard work, and many many late nights we introduce the KR-Z
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cool. i wish they wouldve turned it on.

at first i didnt care for the swap, but that k20 just looks so right in that bay!
It belongs there!
I agree that there should have been a K20 version. I think making it totally K20 would have been good but with the going green thing I think that sports hybrid was a good move although they should have provided a Type R or Si version as well. Cause we all know we probably would rather that one.:p
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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