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LHT Performance builds a CR-Z K20

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LHTPerformance said:
LHT Performance , the first CR-Z K20.We call it KR-Z. The way it should have been built.
We bought the car with the vision to swap in a K20 and have everything work 100%. After a lot of hard work, and many many late nights we introduce the KR-Z
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cool. i wish they wouldve turned it on.

at first i didnt care for the swap, but that k20 just looks so right in that bay!
Special thanks: Hondata - Flash pro :thumbsup:

The more I see the happier this car makes me.
^ this thread is about a swap that actually happened. The information you posted has nothing to do with a K-Swapped CRZ. This is a project car, not a honda factory car. Technically speaking, your post had nothing to do with the topic of this thread. If you posted this in the speculation thread for the boosted CRZ then it would make sense.
^ it didnt sell. they are keeping it. I asked them to part the tranny from the motor so that If i decided to get an LSD + gears i could still drive my car and then just swap the transmissions when ready. They declined then the whole package never sold.
1 - 5 of 58 Posts
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