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Leaked: Mugen Honda CR-Z Picture

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Leaked: Mugen Honda CR-Z Picture

Apparently leaked from the same source as the Honda CR-Z brochure pictures from yesterday. Featuring a different styled front and rear bumper, matching side skirts, aggressive rear spoiler and large seven spoked rims.

One can only speculate what it may bring to the table for performance.

How does everyone like it?

Picture found at Motortrend courtesy of Temple of Vtec
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I love the body kit that has been added to it, much more sporty looking. Spoiler looks cool also, gives the back end some character.

For some reason the front headlights look different then the other production CR-Z pictures or is just me?

The fog light inserts are also a nice addition.

:drool: at the thought of the perfermance that could be added to it also
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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