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Leaked: Honda CR-Z Video stills

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Leaked: Honda CR-Z Video stills

As the 2011 Honda CR-Z gets prepares its assault on your heart and pocketbook, it is showing its face in more and more places.

This time, the 126-combined-horsepower hybrid eco-runner has been spotted in a video, from which a number of stills have been taken. While there aren't any additional specs to come with it, you can at least see what you'll look like driving down the road while you get somewhere above 50 miles per gallon. We note that while we still look forward to its tidy packaging and (hopefully) nimble dynamics, the front-end looks rather unfortunate with a U.S.-sized number plate.

The car is expected to bow for the first time in Japan sometime next month, but we hear it could show up earlier at the Detroit Auto Show.

See more of the video stills below

Article found at: Auto Blog
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Mmm, how sweet it is! Can't wait to get my hands on one!
Is it just me or does the rear wiper look a bit odd?
I currently drive a honda FN2 which has a similar double glass boot lid and its fine without a rear wiper, wonder if the CRZ wiper will make it to production?
Still a great looking car, but it's a shame that they're softening the front end versus the prototype.

The wiper does look a bit odd, but the pronounced 'kink' was needed to center the blade at the bottom of its arc. A subtle thing, but moving the blade just a bit can pass/fail glass-clearance tests. I'll bet that Japan has a regulation on the percentage that must be cleared by the wiper - even on the boot glass.
Does anyone else think the fog lights take away from the styling of the front end?

If I had to nitpick one thing it would be the shape and position of the fog lights. For some reason they just don't seem to fit into the styling of the front end for me. I would prefer either no fog lights or a different shaped fog light all together. These almost seem aftermarket to me, not something that should come from factory.
I'm not sure if it's the fog lights or the Honda emblem placement that is throwing off the front end, but something looks different?:unsure:
I'm not sure if it's the fog lights or the Honda emblem placement that is throwing off the front end, but something looks different?:unsure:

I also hope they don't have a built in license plate holder into that front grill. Seeing as a front plate isn't a law where I live, the car would look that much more aggressive without the front plate.
With ya on the fogs, don't look right.

Same with the mirrors, they look like big truck mirrors, would prefer something more sleak and close to the body.

Amazing how minor things can change the look of a car
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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