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Lamin-X Yellow Fog light tint impression

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So i finally got my tint in the mail today and i was stoked to get it on. Ive been very excited to get my yellow on!

Heres what came in teh pack, there are two tints obviously not just one.

So first thing i go out (its cold and start to try to line things up. The tint was very big! it could have covered the whole hole for the foglight housing!

Anyways after a good inspection of my fog i notice its cracked (6 week old 2250 km frick yea i love cracked fogs) So the tint is good protection.

After a bit of water to get the tint in behind the housing the tint didnt fit right. It looked like it was too tall and not wide enough. Also i had the tint in there, but not stuck so i could see what the light looked like. I snapped this.

Let me say, HUGELY dissapointed. bearly yellow. It was maybe slightly more yellow than my halogens and light output wasnt any more yellow than it already is.

Here it is out of the peelings it didnt look like a huge fail but...

alas, im very dissapointed. I want yellow lights like my old nokya halogens used to be in my EM2. they were rated at 2500k VERY yellow.

everything else ive had so far is dirty gross amber light. Looks like the yellow film will be safe to use on our headlights though, it wont create a green beam. This tint does nothing as far as tinting the light.

Keep in mind im running 3000k HIDs and not halogens. Had i been running 2500k halogens im sure the light would be a bit more yellow, but light output would suffer. It looks like im going to be off to the dealership to get my fog fixed, and contacting laminX to get my 20 dollars back.

Sorry this was done real quick, but coles notes, not very happy with laminX as far as getting the yellow i want. Also the cut was off. Maybe others can chime in with their lamin X experinces.
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I went the same route. I ended up purchasing these. They got here yesterday, I haven't installed them yet. They're made by Hella and are sure to be good bulbs. Hella H71071132 Optilux XY Series H11 12V/55W Xenon Yellow Halogen Bulb Set: Automotive
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