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KK Master Mugen Aero Illumination for ZF2 (2013-2015) and ZF1 (2011-2012)

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Following up on @SkittyDoogle 's excellent thread where he discusses the genuine S660/NBOX aero kit that he's ordered and how it seemingly is a direct swap out for the now discontinued Mugen Aero Illumination kit, I've decided to set up this thread to document the KK Master reproduction LED kit.

This kit is produced, or merely collected (possibly), by KK Master in Japan. I make the previous comment because I don't actually know if any of the manufacturing of these units is in Japan - maybe someone can correct me. They may simply be Chinese 'off-the-shelf' purchases that are packaged as a complete kit.

Below are photos of the kit as it arrived.

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As you can see, more LEDs than is necessary for the ZF2 kit but perfect for the ZF1 Mugen grill with 6 LEDs in total. My thought process is, if I just have the third LED on each side behind the bumper hidden then it can be lid and out of sight - no big deal.

The kit feels decent construction, for example the OEM-like cable trunking on the longer cable seen in the first image is a step they didn't need to take.

I would say that the LEDs are bulbous like the ones in the OEM Mugen kit but don't seem as good quality from what I can see with how they mount.

Below is a scanned version of the cool handwritten Japanese installation instructions.


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Hold on. You have a ZF2 car with Mugen ZF2 parts. Why buy the KKMaster lights when you could have bought the Mugen illumination kit? I find that a little strange.
As per the post, all CRZ Mugen illumination is discontinued. We鈥檝e only found out now thanks to your purchase that S660/NBOX illumination is essentially an identical kit (once fitted and working on your car we can confirm).
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Gotcha. Well so be it. As long as the hold up they that should be okay. Of course I recommend buying the Mugen parts as a spare set because once they're gone they're never coming back! Almost all of the parts I have from them are discontinued and no longer in production.
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Definitely @SkittyDoogle , if I end up buying the Mugen then I will fit them first and foremost and use the KK Master as a spare - it will be a sad sad if I find a stone has cracked the LED glass 馃槵 .
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The lense for the Mugen LEDs are just plastic so there's no worry about cracking those. I do also encourage snagging a Mugen wing if you really want one, because six years from now you'll be kicking yourself for not getting one!
The lense for the Mugen LEDs are just plastic
I will double check the KK Master material then, it may just have came across like glass.

I do also encourage snagging a Mugen wing
I will think about it, it would be nice to have just for posterity even if I never fit it.
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