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Keeping your new CR-Z looking new

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How are you all planning on keeping your new car looking fresh and clean. (Those of you who plan on keep it clean of course :blush:)

Wax, sprays, what will you use and how do you recommend going about your duties.
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Just got the Croftgate products, and will be using them this weekend.

Thanks bizzybear for the recommendation.
Croftgate doesn't seem to offer anything for the vinyl dash and interior plastics. They sell the leather cleaner and cream, but can't find any reference for the dash and doors.

Oh, well I guess Mequiar's natural shine will have to suffice unless I go for some of the Adams products.
I i'm going to use Croftgate and Vega (for interior plastics) unlike what I said in another post about using all Meguiars Gold products. Just the wipes for the vinyls.
Who makes Vega? I did a search and didn't come up with anything. Las Vegas, but no Vega.
Zaino for the absolute win!
LOL, I think I just orderd some yesterday...

Well so far I love the Croftgate product line. It's easier than traditional products. The wax looks and feels good. Best thing is I can walk into my garage, wash and wax my car without getting buckets and hoses out.

Now I need to order the Adam's interior line, and I should be set for awhile.
I agree Epee!

I ordered two sample packs, and a bottle of Aquanil-X (I knew I would probably like it, so I planned ahead). Anyway, used it this past weekend and love it!
On Crofgate waterless products for effective cleaning and maintaining paint health, like previous comments - does contamination accumolate in the paint over time, and would a concientous car detailer use it? A hypothetical argument is spillage of coolant or brake fluid on your paint, would one clean it up with a water-less cleaner and feel comfortable with the paint's health?
I use Meguiars products. If time is allowed I go over the entire car with the Meguiars cleaner wax. Then either the high gloss polish or straight to the carnuba wax. Every car I have had for the past 20 years I have used Meguiars on.

Car Care Products: Car Waxes to Leather Cleaners, Meguiar's the Leader in Car and Surface Care since 1901
Just ordered some more Adams stuff.. I can't wait!
Just finished doing my Crz's first wash. It was getting super dirty:cry:
My method was:

- Wash with Meguiars Gold Class Soap
- Claybar
- Klasse AIO
- Klasse High Gloss Glaze

All in all it came out quite nice, still looking for a good tiregel.

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I've been using optimum no rinse, or opti-clean all winter to clean my car, and have been amazed with it.
Gave my car the first soap bath today, for months. I've got to say.. soap is a complete fail. (and I used a proper Meguairs car soap)

Part of it is that the no-rinse stuff completely softens the water, so there's no chance of water spots.. Which proper drying can take care of.
But besides that, while the car looked clean, I noticed a film on the windows when I was driving around, after I had washed the car. It easily cleaned off w/ a dry microfiber, but still.. it left some grime on the car.
I think i'm going to go for no-rinse for all my washing, regardless of the weather. You basically stick a towel in a bucket to get it wet, and then wipe down a panel, put it in the bucket, wipe down the next panel. Go around the car, and you're done.

I can't wait to clay and do the full detail, but decided to put that off another month or so.
Zaino AIO with the detailer spray.
So what do some of you use when the car is just dusty?
A thick, plush Microfiber towel and Adams Detail Spray.
Thanks VTEC, ordered some today...

I do love the Croftgate product line, but no quick detailing items.
So what do some of you use when the car is just dusty?
The Original California CarDuster.... :iough: Did I just say that... :cry: Must be the Paddy's Day Green Beer..

Wait a minute, what is that in my garage?? Dang, it is one of those things... :rolleyes: The Wife must of bought it. That is my story and sticking to it.
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