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Owning black cars can be a pain but what I do is:
1-Never let anyone else wash my car!
2-Pressure Wash, less contact with cloths/mitts and brushes=less haze.
3-Drying, use microfiber cloths and always wipe in one direction in straight lines.
4-Secret weapon, - Home I use the mist and shine after drying and blowing the excess water out of mirrors and such. This is the best detailer I have found, I carry a bottle in the car for daily up keep.
5-Interior, I really like Meguiar's Direct Quik Interior Detailer™ I will clean everything on the interior, I spray on a cloth and wipe everything down. I leaves no greasy residue, cleans even fingerprints of glossy surfaces and touchscreen navs. Smells great too. Vacuum and use an upholstery brush on the mats.
Love a clean car! :thumbsup:
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