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Keeping your new CR-Z looking new

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How are you all planning on keeping your new car looking fresh and clean. (Those of you who plan on keep it clean of course :blush:)

Wax, sprays, what will you use and how do you recommend going about your duties.
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good tip but i'd like to add DO NOT DRY THEM IN A MACHINE!!! Just let them air dry... using a dryer does something to the fibers where eventually if done enough WILL add swirls to your car...
you mean.. DONT use heat in the dryer... or DONT use dryer at all. Since the microfibers are synthetic, I could see where heat would cause them to get hard.. but I wouldnt think that just a room temp spin would do anything (but hey.. I have been wrong before.. at least once.. ask my girlfriend.. she will tell ya!:angry:)

lol... i'm sure room temp wouldn't hurt them... but i don't think they will help dry them any faster than just hanging them up on a fence or chair or something??
Bizzy :hyper:... movement causes air flow... air flow causes evaporation... dries much faster for those of us in need of that emergency microfiber wipe....:giggle:
Plus it is a lot better than running around in your front yard waving it in the air like you just don't care and having your neighbors call the cops and the men in white suits showing up carrying a straight jacket:spaz:.
Hey man.. did that.. like.. happen to you too.... whoa...... bummer!:eek:

Does anyone know about the product described below? My dealer said I might be interested in it (and he doesn't install it - recommended a third party shop) Thanks!!
Clear Bra Paint Protection Film products are maintenance free. They won't damage your paint and they do not alter your vehicle's aerodynamics or appearance. The 3M Clear Bra Film is warranted by 3M™ not to yellow, crack or peel for 5 years after installation.
Clear Bra works pretty well! It will definitely help with rock chips... mine has already saved my hood a time or two. A good installer can cover all of the areas on your vehicle that are prone to rock chips. It isnt cheap though.. but it does work.

I would check around... do some "google-ing". read reviews of installers / shops in your area. Pick the one that gets the best reviews... the dealer may get a kickback from the one he recommended, and it may not be the best out there.

Good luck with it!
Thanks! It doesn't interfere with wash and wax???
I usually just wash / wax right over it just like I do the paint. I am careful not to ever use high pressure water spray when I wash.... especially around the edges of the clear bra. Just in case....
Thanks ever. Hope it isn't too costly. My dealer told me not to get the protectant for the rear bumper and door rims that Honda sells - look into the clear bra instead.
The stuff that Honda offers for the rear hatch area, and the door edges... is clear bra... basically the same stuff.

depending on where you go, and how much you get done....

half Hood, foglights, headlights, mirrors, gas door, and rear hatch area... ran me about $330. Wanted to get the entire hood and full front done... but just too much money.

Dealer installed half hoods here are 399.00 by itself..... outrageous!
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