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Keeping your new CR-Z looking new

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How are you all planning on keeping your new car looking fresh and clean. (Those of you who plan on keep it clean of course :blush:)

Wax, sprays, what will you use and how do you recommend going about your duties.
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If you are not experienced with a particular product, you are best to begin with the least abrasive product you can find that actually removes the scratch. I recommend first starting with a cleaner/wax. Such products have very little abrasive and some solvents that can remove anything on top of the paint. If that doesn't get it, then move on to a cleaner-wax prep product, if that doesn't do it, try a swirl mark remover and then a polishing compound and only last a rubbing compound. The key thing being to remove as little of the clear coat as possible to remove the scratch.
1 - 1 of 124 Posts
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