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Keeping your new CR-Z looking new

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How are you all planning on keeping your new car looking fresh and clean. (Those of you who plan on keep it clean of course :blush:)

Wax, sprays, what will you use and how do you recommend going about your duties.
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Just bought my black last night and detailed it today. I used Klasse on it but brother it was a real job and a hard to get it on "right". I don't know but maybe the Klasse was too old(?), seemed to leave too much residue. I've used Klasse for years on my daily drivers and it lasts a long time and is generally easy to apply so I like it.

As to your question I use a 3M 3000 grit rubbing compound (buy it at NAPA) if I get a scratch that is into the clear coat (deep enough to catch a finger nail). It does take the clear coat "down" some so you need to use it sparingly. It's expensive and used by autobody shops to take down orange peel. If it's just those little superficial marks, get rid of any towels with nylon in them and if you really want to have a perfect surface clay it and then use Zaino. Zaino is 100% optically pure so if you use enough coats it is literally perfect to the eye but a whole lotta work to get there.
1 - 1 of 124 Posts
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