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Keeping your new CR-Z looking new

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How are you all planning on keeping your new car looking fresh and clean. (Those of you who plan on keep it clean of course :blush:)

Wax, sprays, what will you use and how do you recommend going about your duties.
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which products would you recommend for a new car? Im looking for a good cleaner and wax. do you think the waterless product is worth it? It seems so simple with no use of water. and how many times should we wax if we live in so cal. like once a year?
I tried out the Optimum(that's the company name) line. Poly-seal is amazing. Slickest stuff I've ever felt/seen. Also easiest to apply. Wipe on and walk away. It should hold up really well in socal. They have a super easy spray wax that you can put on top of the poly-seal, but I haven't used it yet.

On a brand new car you shouldn't need a cleaner (I'm assuming you mean a detailing cleaner, mild abrasive, swirl remover type thing). Maybe clay-bar it, if you want it perfect, then seal/wax it. I just used Meguiars clay bar kit from a local Target for that.
well my gf got a 'new' 2010 altima and there are swirls so I just went ahead and got a meguiars complete car care kit.
1 - 2 of 124 Posts
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