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Wait, do these cars have a map or a MAF? If they have a MAF behind the filter I would really get that K&N out of there. I've had a decent amount of cars with MAFs that had issues simply because the K&N is oil based, the oil will get sucked off the air filter and onto the MAF sensor causing it to read cold (leaning the car out) robbing performance over time and eventually causing it to misread so badly it starts misfiring and tripping the oxygen sensors. Not to mention the filtering ability of the K&N isn't exactly what I would call great. It's one thing if you have a 650whp turbo car where you can't find anything else that will fit in a hurry, but paper filters like Wix are actually pretty good and very cheap considering the $50 price tag these K&Ns have and their $10-15 recharge kits. Talk to any shop, the majority of them will back me up on this.

Edit: Yup, just checked and there's a MAF there, do what you want but if it were me, I'd yank that K&N out and throw it away.
You're right about the oil could clog the MAF if you bathe your filter in the recharge oil. You would really have to drench that filter so its dripping. I have owned plenty of MAF cars and have always used K&N filters. NEVER had a problem because I follow the recharge instructions. But I can see how the MAF could fail if you over soak it.
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