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Important to disclose that these are not strictly speaking DOT-approved. This is due to the lack of an amber reflector as well as the DRL occupying the same lateral space as the turn signal without being a switch-back setup. Depending on how much of a stickler your local authority is, these headlights may cause your vehicle to fail inspection.

I was originally going to put on my car, but ultimately decided to go a different direction with the forward lighting on my CR-Z.

The HID projectors have been swapped from the RHD cutoff for Japan to US-market LHD projectors. The turn signal socket also needed slight modifications to accommodate the US marker light/turn signal, and a mating modified bulb mount is included. The Auto-leveling motor is inoperable on the US cars, and can not be removed. it is manually adjustable to re-aim the headlights.

One mounting leg has been repaired using the OEM honda repair part.

Price is $1500 USD shipped within the continental US. I'm more than happy to obtain shipping estimates for other areas such as Mexico, Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii, or to some of the outlying territories, but it will not be cheap at all.

These come with the wiring harness necessary to operate the DRLs as Constant-on for 2011-12 cars, and are 100% plug and play for 2013-16 cars.
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