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2013 Honda CR-Z w/ HPD supercharger
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As noted in my last post, I am following up with the car cover from Japan. This is the version that is compatible with the Modulo rear wing specifically. I thought I would give it a try with mine because I have the Mugen rear wing.
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I made sure to take a picture of the part number for those interested in trying to find their own.
Packing materials Plastic wrap Font Packaging and labeling Plastic

It came with a generic manual too. Just something to note.

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The form it comes in is like a tote to carry it around, and it is part of the cover.
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After unfolding it, it's just a matter of finding the big H logo to know which way it should point. The fitment is exactly what you would expect from an OEM part.
Vehicle cover Plant Car Hood Automotive lighting

The rear was the biggest concern. But to my surprise it almost fits perfectly. It is slightly higher uo because the Modulo wing is shorter. But if you tug it a little tighter it will barely clear the OEM rear diffuser so you can tighten it up for a snug fit.
Vehicle cover Tire Sky Wheel Hood

Overall I'm happy with it and I would recommend it to anyone who has a CR-Z with a rear wing, as long as it isn't bigger than the Mugen rear wing.

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This is a really cool part!

The only thing that would put me off is that most people think car covers are actually worse for the car as any trapped dirt is rubbed against the paint. I've also heard they are bad for trapping moisture and causing rust. That last point may be more focussed to my part of the world though.

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Nice! Might look into this as I have a fake mugen style wing and have been using a cheap Budge cover that fits well enough but not great... I like that cover is integrated with the tote, as it's one less thing to think about what to do with...
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