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Project BOLSTER Continues...

Ok, I've actually had the seats in the car for a few weeks already, but I wasn't that motivated to post up the pics... Everything was going smoothly with the project until I tried to calibrate the seat sensors at the Honda dealership. We just could not get them to work correctly. Went in 3 times, trying different things and it seemed like we made a little progress, but we just couldn't get that last SRS DTC to turn off. "Internal Failure" it says...

I think the issue is the orientation of the OPD ECU. I think it may possibly use an internal accelerometer or something to determine the orientation of the seatback. Since I have it mounted horizontally, this might be causing it to freak out. Or I may just need to ground the ECU chassis since it's electrically isolated by the rubber mounts, even though it's grounded through the wire harness. Everything else works though: 2.2 ohm resistors, seat position sensor, OPDS sensors, etc. It's just this stupid "Internal Failure" crap. I'm just going to suck it up and get some form of HDS unit to figure out these seat sensors on my own, without messing with the dealership...

Anyways, the seats are awesome. They feel awesome and they hold me in place way better than the OEM seats ever could. Even if I don't figure this last SRS DTC out, they are still worth it by a longshot. BUT I WILL FIGURE IT OUT. Or die trying...

m still working on getting the error codes to go away, but I should have something figured out eventually. I'm just taking a break from dealing with them. Going to the dealer with some dude getting in and out of my new seats every two seconds, takes it's toll on my patience... I'm doing this solo now.
I'm not a mechanic, nor am I a genius. Just a perfectionist with an engineering degree...
I'm selling my boat soon, so once I get my boat money, I'm getting an HDS to do my own SRS calibrations and get rid of the code. Consider it a non issue...

On to the pics:

All three OPDS sensor pads are tucked away inside of the seat cushions. I initially wanted to avoid doing this, but the seats come apart somewhat easily to insert them. Just putting them in seemed easier than fabbing up some other way to stow the sensors and it solves the "Side Airbag Off" light issue. Unfortunately, I forgot to snap pics of stuffing the sensor into the upholstery.
I made a bracket to mount the OPDS unit inside of the seatback with the sensors.

OPDS unit mounted.

OPDS unit shown with cover in place.

I used rubber isolators to mount the OPDS unit. I had them and they had the right spacing to clear the seatback release cables.

The other side of the rubber isolators showing the button head screws securing them.

OPDS mounted. This may have to change if I discover that the orientation is causing my internal failure issue...

Sensors wired up.
With the OPDS unit inside of the seatback, having this one big harness coming out of it in one place could be an issue...
So I split it into two smaller sections so they could fit through at two small gaps in the seat fabric. One goes to the weight sensors and the other to the vehicle harness.
Seatback fabric secured back together shown with OPDS unit harness coming though the two gaps in the seat.

I finally solved this DTC error code issue on my install,
So I also put the OPDS sensor behind the backrest cushion, but I put the whole Control Unit on the LEFT Side of the Recaro. I just forced and slide it in from the opening right above the Rotary Know to adjust the seat backrest angle. So they are located exactly where the original location is.
Another important thing is, I made sure the weight sensor is for my 2013 model because Pre 2012 model have different weight sensor calibration value. The OPDS sensor also came from a USED 2013 seat. Please note my car is Honda Fit GE not CRZ but should be similar.
One last thing to note is, when you use Honda Diagnostic Tool to initialize, it usually fail to initialize the first step but when you go to the next step (OPDS plus SWS (seat weight sensor), it just works and clear my DTC right away.
Now everything work like the original seat, (just without the seat air bag of course) but no error and the center console "airbag off" light also works properly (light up when a small children seat on the passenger seat).
Here is my thread about it:
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