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To build a CR-Z that further embodies the spirit of what a “sport hybrid” is through a balance of modifications that positively impact both, fuel economy and sport performance, while maintaining an adequately low impact on the environment.

Current Modifications

JDM PWP Splash Guards (Front Only)
JDM Power Folding Mirrors
JDM Auto Retract Mirror Accessory
JDM Reverse Tilt Side Mirror Accessory
JDM Fit RS Yellow Fog Lights
PIAA Yellow Fog Light Bulbs
HIR 9011 High Beams
Honda Ridgeline Horns
JDM (Insight) Tail Reflectors
Rear Wiper Delete (-2.67 lbs)

Recaro SR-7 ASM Limited IS-11 Seats
Lecce Red Stitch D-Shape Steering Wheel
Redline Accessories Red Stitch Napa Leather Shift Boot
2012+ Civic Si Shift Knob
2012+ OEM Black Carpet
2012+ OEM Black Center Console
Base CR-Z Aluminum Trim Pieces & Black Door Handles
CVT Paddle Shifter Auto-Stop/Regen Switch
Acura TSX Homelink
Red OEM Footwell/Console LED Ambient Lighting
Honda All-Weather Floor Mats (+4.85 lbs)
Honda Cargo Tray (+2.00 lbs)
Valentine One + SAAVY + Blendmount

In-Car Entertainment
2010-2011 CR-V Navigation + JDM Reverse Camera
Gathers GS-5060DL Speakers

Under the Hood
Jackson Racing Rotrex Supercharger/Intercooler (+32.0 lbs)
HKS Metal Catalyzer
HKS LA Clutch (-3.85 lbs)
Wavetrac Limited Slip Differential
Spoon Stainless Clutch Hose
Spoon Throttle Body
Extrude Honed Intake Runners
Hondata FlashPro
2nd O2 Sensor Delete (-0.37 lbs)
Okada Projects Plasma Direct Coils
Denso IK22 Iridium Spark Plugs
RDX Injectors (410 cc/min @ 38 psi)
RDX MAP Sensor
ARK Cat-Back Exhaust (+9.34 lbs)
Buddy Club Short Shifter
Bypassed OEM Clutch Master Cylinder ("CDV" delete)

Suspension & Chassis
Spoon Struts + Spoon Progressive Springs (-1.34 lbs)
Spoon 25mm Front Stabilizer Bar (+5.46 lbs)
Spoon Front Rigid Collar Kit (+0.13 lbs)
Spoon Rear Rigid Collar Kit
Beatrush Pillowball Top Mounts
Beatrush Front Member Support Bar (+3.3 lbs)
Beatrush Front Performance Bar (+1.5 lbs)
Progress 19mm Rear Stabilizer Bar (+7.42 lbs)

Spoon Monoblock Calipers (-5.94 lbs)
Mugen Active Gate RSX-S Front Rotors (+7.52 lbs)
Mugen High Performance Rear Rotors (+0.06 lbs)
Mugen Micro Mesh Stainless Steel Brake Lines
EBC Bluestuff Pads
Hard Brakes Titanium Brake Shims (+0.11 lbs)
Castrol Racing SRF React Brake Fluid
Front Dust Shield Delete (-1.02 lbs)

Wheel and Tire
Racing Hart Winning Gold CP-035 17x7.5 +50 (13.0 lbs)
Yokohama S-drive Tires (Front: 235/40R17 Rear: 205/45R17)
Motorsport Tech HC/WC Spacer Front: 3 mm Rear: 20 mm
CBRD Titanium Lug Nuts

Alternate Wheel Set
Racing Hart Winning Gold CP-035 Front: 17x7.5 +50 (13.0 lbs) Rear 16x7 +45 (11.8 lbs)
Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 Tires Front: 235/40R17 Rear: 205/55R16

Racing Hart Winning Gold CP-035 Front: 17x9 +63 (15.0 lbs) Rear 15x6.5 +45 (10.6 lbs)
Toyo R1R Tires Front: 245/35R17 Rear: 195/55R15

Future Modifications

Blue = Ordered
Red = Awaiting install...
Green = Work in Progress...

Under the Hood
GE8 "Spoon" High Cam Conversion
KMS Stage II Cylinder Head
CP 11.5:1 Pistons
Crower Rods
HKS 1.2 mm Gasket Kit
RDX Fuel Pressure Regulator
OEM CZ4A (Evo X) Fuel Pump
Spoon Baffled Oil Pan
Koyo Radiator

Beatrush Rear Performance Bar
Eibach Camber Bolts

Past Modifications

2.25" Test Pipe (-3.41 lbs)
Hondata Map Sensor (4 Bar)
Spoon Sports Motor Rib (+7.23 lbs)
Rear Partition Delete (-18.75 lbs)
Spare Tire & Jack Tools Delete (-29.45 lbs)
2012 CR-Z Black Seats w/ Blue Stitching
Beatrush Aluminum Under Panel

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Mostly Stock with SSR Type-Cs

SSR Gunmetal Type-C 16x7.0 ET42 (12.1 lbs)
Yokohama db Super e-spec 195/55R16 (19.0 lbs)

I started a thread about these wheels earlier and you can check out some more pictures of them here:

I took some more pictures with the center caps installed:

The wheels are machined to accept a snap-in retaining ring to hold the hub rings in place. Pretty nice…

Overall, I love these wheels. You can absolutely feel the difference in weight and I can’t recommend them enough. Not to mention they look really good on this car too…

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GE8 Cylinder Head Assembly & Intake Runners

I came across a used Honda Fit (GE8) cylinder head assembly on eBay and contacted the seller about whether they came with the cams, rockers, valve, etc. or not. I ended up getting the cylinder head, GE8 cams, GE8 intake plenum, intake runners all for $650 shipped from MN to FL. I’m looking into extrude honing the head and runners, but I may try to port it myself by hand. I’m going to practice on another manifold first to see if I have the capacity to reach everything.

I took some pictures showing the exterior as well as some internal shots of both pieces that I’m going to extrude hone:

GE8 Cylinder Head

An Intake Port:

Kind of a cool shot...

The Integrated Header Exhaust Port:

Further inside…

To the side…

Intake Runners

A peek inside…

GE8 Intake Plenum


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Alternate Wheel Set: Racing Hart CP-035

I came across these wheels used on eBay and remembered seeing them on the wheel weights list as one of the lightest wheels made. 13 lbs. for 17x7.5! They are discontinued and are pretty rare. I wanted to have another set of wheels so I can play with some wider, stickier tires. The fitment was perfect for the CR-Z, so I made an offer and he accepted! They looked pretty dirty in the pictures, but no curb rash or major damage. I got them safe and sound, and with a little elbow grease I was able to get them pretty clean. Two of the tires are 60% and the other two need to be replaced. I’ll probably replace all four and sell the two usable ones. I’ll probably sell my stock wheels now too...

Anyways here are the specs of the wheels and the tires I want to run:

Racing Hart Winning Gold CP-035 17x7.5 ET50 (13.0 lbs)
Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 215/45R17 (22.0 lbs)

And pictures:

These pictures were with no spacers.

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In your first thread about the ssr rims on the picture where you weighed them on the scale they were 11.9 not 12.1 just curious as to which is the correct number? Btw what is the weight of the stock 16' rims?

Nice car man your build is one of the ones I follow because you have the same idea as to what a "sport hybrid" should be

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In your first thread about the ssr rims on the picture where you weighed them on the scale they were 11.9 not 12.1 just curious as to which is the correct number? Btw what is the weight of the stock 16' rims?

Nice car man your build is one of the ones I follow because you have the same idea as to what a "sport hybrid" should be
My scale says 11.9 lbs, manufacturer says 12.1 lbs and I only weighed one of them. Stock weight is 16.5 lbs. Thanks for the compliments!

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Red Vinyled Honda Emblems & Spoon Motor Rib

I vinyled my Honda emblems today and took some shots with the hood open to show the Spoon Motor Rib that I installed a few weeks back. You can also see the Spoon oil cap in the last shot as well.

The red vinyl isn't quite "Honda Red", but for the money it'll do for now. I'll figure out a better solution later...


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I want a spoon rib :( Jealous!! Those SSR's are money bro. You should sent that Cylinder head to golden eagle and get it bored/sleeved out. :thumbup:
I think you're thinking of a cylinder BLOCK for sleeving/boring. I have a cylinder HEAD; to which I want to extrude hone along with the intake runners.

Yeah, I like the Spoon Motor Rib a lot. Not sure how much it helped, but at least it looks tight! My only gripe is incompatibility with some SRIs. I'm going to try to see if I can get it to work with the Takeda intake with a little trimming to the filter housing.

Thanks for compliments!

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Black Seats, Black Center Console and Base Model Trim Pieces

I've kinda been neglecting my build thread for awhile. I've been doing mods and taking pics, but I never got around to posting them or it was just better suited as a DIY. Anyways, here is my favorite mod that "really ties the room together."

I love the OEM Honda Black seats with the blue stitching. While I don't mind the gray seats, I feel that black seats would show less dirt plus I think the blue stitching is a really sharp look. To get black seats for a reasonable price I would have to get them used either from someone replacing theirs or from a wreck. I figuring the chances of that happening locally or at all, given the rarity of black seats, are pretty slim. I decided to just reupholster my own.

I bought the fabric from Honda for about $800 or so. I have the service manual, which details how to do this, so I just went at it. I also added the BASE model trim pieces at the same time. Here's the pics:

Taking the seats apart...

Removing the fabric from the cushion.

These are the upholstery rings or "hog rings" that need to be removed in order for the upholstery to come off.

I used a pair of pliers to pull them apart. This is the hard way to do it. Hog ring cutters would have made this job so much easier.

Instead of hog rings, I secured the upholstery with zip-ties. These are much easier to remove without specialized tools plus I already had them.

It is a little tricky to get the zip ties to make the bend without poking into the foam. I used a trim tool to guide them under the rod.

Seats installed in the car.

Another shot of the seats. Also seen are the BASE model trim pieces: the Alumium finish pieces around the front cupholders and the black door handles. I always felt that the EX gunmetal trim peices were a little out of place...

Another shot of the seats with some sunlight to highlight the blue stitching.

Close up of the BASE model trim pieces on the black center console.

Black Seats Parts List

04815-SZT-G00ZB - (1) Driver Seatback
81531-SZT-G01ZB - (1) Driver Cushion
81140-SZT-G01ZB - (2) Headrest
04811-SZT-A00ZB - (1) Pass Seatback
81131-SZT-A01ZB - (1) Pass Cushion
81118-SJD-J01 - (2) Clips

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Spoon Suspension

I installed Spoon springs and struts awhile back and I'm finally posting some pics. Here they are:

Spoon boxes make me happy...

All unboxed. The FSB still has yet to be installed...

Ready to go on the car. The rear sway bar is the Basis V1 which rubbed; came off after two days. No thanks...

Car on the lift.

Knuckle supported by my floor jack. I don't want the drive shafts coming out...

Comparing the Spoon strut with the OEM strut.

Shot of the rear spring and shock.

Other side shown with the ARK exhaust.

A day or so after lowering.
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