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Hello Honda CR-Z Forum members!

Thought I'd take the time and introduce myself and ECS Motorsports to those of you who may not have heard about us..

My name is AJ, lead rep and part owner here at ECS Motorsports. We started back in Fall of 2004 and have grown every year, expanding into new markets and focusing largely on late model import cars. We are also active on many other forums from Hyundai Genesis Coupe to Nissan 370Z to the 2010+ Chevrolet Camaro (our only domestic market).

ECS Motorsports is a direct dealer and/or authorized reseller for almost all of the top brands in the automotive industry. While there are way too many to name, check out our website (link in sig or click here: ECS Motorsports) and take the time to browse the website.. it is constantly being update, so if there is anything you may be looking for and cannot find, please PM me and I'll do my best to assist you.

I currently drive a BMW 335i E92 Coupe, as well as our shop/company car, a 2010 Nissan GT-R. We love imports and I love turbo.. so I enjoy the best of both worlds!

The Honda CR-Z is our first Hybrid car we've taken interest in, and I am very anxious to become more involved in this awesome community, learn more about the car, and help you all customize your rides!

I have a vast knowledge of vehicles from inside out and am always here to answer whatever questions you may have.. just PM me, call me, email me, post in our forum, or hit me up on AIM @ ECSMotorsports anytime. Either Alan or I will be glad to speak with you guys.

Hope I didn't bore you that much, and I hope to get to know many of you here on!

All the best,
ECS Motorsports
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