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Reality is generically this is a variable speed 12 volt "squirrel cage" fan. It would make sense that the same size and specifications would be used in many applications( and not just in vehicles). What maybe "special" or different is the housing and ducting for this application. Any manufacturer for economies of scale and cost reasons will use an easily obtainable part and then if needed make other lower quantity parts to make it work in their application. It comes down to costs, if you order a lot of something it costs less per unit then if you order less of something. You want the lowest cost per unit.

The issue with the CR-Z is there are some CR-Z specific parts that are now simply not available or have a very high cost to obtain as replacement parts. You want to be able to buy parts that are used on many models so they are less expensive and available longer.

Many manufacturers share parts between platforms and brands. In some cases parts are shared between manufacturers.

Why can't it be the same fan for the AC/Heat and the IMA? It’s a variable speed fan, it moves air there is nothing that special about it.

On RockAuto web site this part number under Part Number Search is listed as the Battery Cooling fan. What is odd is it is not listed when you search by CR-Z?

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A few days ago a used one turned up

Wait! I am so confused. ChopChop said, "
Good news, Rock Auto came through for me with part # VDO / CONTINENTAL PM9503"
That is NOT the IMA cooling fan part...that is the fan that cools the cabin air and is in the front passenger side by the glove compartment. Surely you can't tell me that this part is for the IMA fan cooling

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RockAuto lists the PM9503 under "Battery Cooling Fan" so it would be the right part.
If you look under "Heat and AC Blower Motor" you'll find a PM9390 which is a different unit. They are not the same.
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