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Work still progressing on the PIC code and pcb.

I'm now getting the BCM/MCM memory area into the IMAC&C control gadget once a second. (y)
This means we can display/monitor anything from the HDS IMA data list once I have decoded where it all resides in this big chunk of memory.

I'm going to try and overclock the 64mhz PIC to 80mhz which will max out the cheap CAN boards SPI bus at 10mhz and give us a nice little 25% boost.
The PIC is working hard juggling operations and we need every MIP/cycle we can get. There is a lot of data whizzing about.

You overclock by using a 20mhz crystal instead of the stock 16mhz which gets multiplied internally x 4 in the PIC.
It's possible to do 24mhz x 4 = 96mhz but I want 100% reliability so will see how 80mhz goes.
141 - 144 of 144 Posts