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IMA hybrid battery health

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I was just in contact with PeterPerkins about this question I had:

Do you know how I could check the current battery health of my CR-Z's IMA hybrid battery?
I know the Honda dealership might be able to do it, but can I also do it myself?

His reply was:

You really need an HDS or my OBDIIC&C to view the usable capacity data %.
That accumulates over a long period and is probably a pretty reliable indicator.
Or you can use the seat of the pants dyno (or a real one) and watch the bars going up and down, but that is very hit and miss and needs a lot of experience to make judgement.
Or you can make your own fancy voltage measuring gadgets and add them to the IMA, record the data and interpret it.

Peter asked me to post this here for others to see. If anyone has more information on this topic, please share it here!
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He's pretty much right, Honda did a good job with the controller and user interface so you don't see much difference as the battery ages. Without a device to view the otherwise hidden operational parameters it's hard to tell.
That said, there may be some signs if the pack is getting really tired such as failure to hold a charge when the car is sitting, weak charge or assist, frequent recalibrations- although sometimes symptoms that appear to be from the IMA battery are actually from a failing 12V battery. Fortunately that's easy to fix.
There are readily available inexpensive ($100) Chinese clones of the Honda HDS diagnostic tool that you can use with a Windows laptop, these give access to all of the car's systems including the IMA.
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