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I have a 2011 CRZ and it has been a fantastic car. Recently the IMA and engine lights came on...then cleared however the engine
light stayed on. Upon various google searches, I thought I needed a new battery and that would cost thousands. I began to rethink my CRZ purchase. (I have a history of purchasing new and keeping the car for 12 to 14 years, then sell it.) The IMA light has reappeared a few times and the only correlation I can see is the days are exceptionally hot. (I am not a mechanic--however it was an interesting observation).

I took the car into a local Honda Dealer who gave me the good news that the battery is fine...but there is a fan which is not working at the mid level setting. Low and High work fine...Mid doesn't. However, the dealership recommended another $200 in diagnostic testing before going ahead with the fan because I won't be able to return it if the problem turns out to be something different.

The fan is going to cost almost $700. and there is a 5 month wait for this item. IF that item misses the boat (literally) then there is a 13 month wait. Fortunately, the car will run without the IMA system and since fall is upon us, cooler weather may help. i am happy I don't need a new IMA battery although that is still covered under warranty.

Does this make sense that there is such a long wait for this fan? Should I call around to other dealerships? Or should I arrange for a friend to pick one up when she goes to Japan next month and bring it back?
I ask these questions to have a better understanding as I tend to trust the professionals...however this delay doesn't make sense. Which then makes me question, why the extra few hundred dollars for added diagnostic when we are pretty certain it is the fan.

I appreciate any clarification you can give., Thank you Sher.
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