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The fan part number you're talking about is 1J810-RTW-003 -- see if you can find one that's in stock somewhere else....
Even a search on states that it'll ship in 1-3 months...I think it was a $165 part, so ask the dealership if they'll refund the $200 charge for the extra diagnosis if they find that the problem WAS only the fan after all. :)

Here's another link of the same problem

If you wanted to switch off your IMA battery during the wait for the replacement fan, I'd suggest hooking up your 12v battery to a trickle charger to keep it fully charged since you will be draining it without the DC-DC recharge the IMA unit gives while it's on and operating correctly. The fan itself, is not too complicated to replace, so you might want to DIY or ask the dealership to give you a break on the cost.
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