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I got mine :)

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I bought mine this weekend...I didn't even know about the car or all the buzz. I went in to test drive a Civic, saw the CRZ, took it out for a drive and really liked it. Its fun to drive, looks great, and the price was right for a hybrid.

I haven't driven a hybrid before, which is a bit different, but I love watching the feedback as I am driving, especially the color changing lighting on the speedometer. On my 10 mile drive to work today I got 44 mpg in eco mode. It's not a fast car at this setting, but it really handles just fine, and the sports mode makes a nice difference with a some kick to it. Its the perfect combo of nerdy and cool. The one drawback is the poor visibilty backing up, but I think it'll just be a little adjustment in where to look as compared to 'normal' cars.

All in all I love it, it made buying a new car exciting. It's fun watching people checking it out while I'm on the road.
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Congrats on the purchase!! Good to see some more positive feedback on the CRZ.

What color did you end up choosing? Any pictures?
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