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Hyper-miling is more about anticipation and smoothness than slow driving. Looking at signals two or three lights ahead in city driving to avoid stops and heavy braking and using your cruise control as much as possible on the highway can greatly increase your mileage over EPA estimates.

In 2008 the EPA made some rather drastic changes in the way they estimate city and highay mileage in order to provide more realistic mileage for "average" drivers. This penalized the hybrids far more than gas and diesel cars. The Honda Civic Hybrid went from 49 mpg city down to 34 mpg under the new EPA estimates. Highway mileage dropped from 51 to 41. Yet many Civic hybrid drivers still obtain the old numbers or better them. This is because many hybrid drivers become self-competitive and learn to hyper-mile to back up their mleage claims.

As I stated (okay, bragged) in another mileage post I expect to routinely average 50 mpg or better with the CR-Z and wouldn't be surprised at an occasional tank getting 70 mpg. (Two guys in New Jersey driving a Ford Fusion Hybrid got a certified 72 mpg on one tank of gas.)
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