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Has anyone ever been? It used to be Hunt Valley Car & Coffee. They say this is a show for any car lover of any age and any model. I'm thinking of heading to it this Saturday. Maybe I will park away from the show and just walk around. I'd probably get made fun of for a stock Honda cr-z...(even though they say everyone is welcome)

They are going to have a few special cars this Saturday.

Ron Capps’ NAPA Funny Car (1st Funny Car to break 4 seconds in the 1/4 mile)

* Fresh-out-of-the-factory, 1-of-69 COPO Camaro

* Lexus LFA Supercar

* Ferrari 360 Challenge Race Car

* '76 NY Int'l Auto Show Porsche Turbo Carrera (chassis #41)

* Porsche Carrera GT

* '66 Ferrari 275 GTS Pininfarina (1 of 16 of its build and 1 of 200 over the 3 years of world production)

* '27 Spade Carillo Ford Roadster - It was the fastest roadster at the Bonneville Salt Flats meet in 1951 with a one-way pass at 178 mph. Last year, we were honored with its appearance as it was being loaded on a transport for Hod Rod Magazine's 65th Anniversary Homecoming in Sonoma, California -- an event exclusively for Hod Rod Magazine's cover cars.
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