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How much trunk space?

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If we are only getting a two seater car here, what can we expect for trunk space? The CRZ will be my only car so I will need it to pick up groceries and other random stuff - will I have enough space for this sort of stuff?

Any pictures of the trunk storage space?
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It should have plenty of room for that stuff, there are some pics online of the rear hatch open so just add the space that the rear seats are in to it.
I'm impressed by the amount of room!! More than enough for 2+2 seat setup but I guess that debate was decided by Honda.

Now whats under that cover, full sized spare?!
Thanks for the picture. That is plenty of space and should be more than enough!
That is a lot of trunk space, at least Honda was smart and gave us lots of trunk space by removing the 2 small back seats.
So could someone explain to me the point of the divider between the seats and the trunk - why not just have it open so you can easily reach into the trunk?
Pretty sure it is for safety reasons, so stuff from the back doesn't come into the front cabin area.

From the looks of things it may be removable - looks like a handle about half way down
Now whats under that cover, full sized spare?!

If the CR-Z is set up like the Insight, you will find the batteries and donut spare under the rear area cover. I bet the production car has a higher rear shelf (cover area) with just a small lip between rear cargo area and the front seats. The front seats will touch the wall when in the full aft position for tall drivers.
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