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Honda Updates Impossible Dream Ad with CR-Z, Asimo and Hot Tub

Honda has resurrected The Impossible Dream once more. Hands down one of our favorite car spots of all time, the original ad aired in the UK way back in 2005 and featured a smattering of models from the Japanese company's past. From lowly scooters and the lovable S800 to the company's early racing bikes and F1 cars, the ad was a highlight reel of all of which the company has to be proud.

Things have changed quite a bit for Honda in five years. It's walked away from its F1 efforts, abandoned the S2000 to the sands of time and brought the brunt of its focus to odd-looking people movers. You won't find any of that in The Impossible Dream II, though. Instead, Honda has removed any reference to Formula One and clipped the old hot-air balloon at the end in favor of products like the new Honda Jet, CR-Z hybrid and the FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. Even Asimo the robot makes a cameo and the ending features a hot tub powered by a Honda generator.

Watching the spot, which is about 30 seconds longer than the original and concludes with a new line from NPR superstar Garrison Keillor, we can't help but hope Honda will find a way to return to its former place as an automotive innovator capable of producing excellent pieces of engineering with a focus on driver involvement. An impossible dream? We hope not. Hit the jump to see the new spot.

Article Found At: AutoBlog
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