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Honda Speaks about Hybrid Sports Car Plan

A lot has been said about hybrid cars from Honda. A few weeks ago, we had reported that the Acura NSX hybrid could be on its way. And the Japanese company is betting big on such cars as their hybrid sales also went up in May this year. Now British Web site Autocar reports that Honda has spoken about their hybrid sports car plan.

Nobuki Ebisawa is the design boss at Honda. He revealed that they are considering working on a hybrid high performance sports car. According to Ebisawa, “This is something that we are considering, and the CR-Z is only one shape of Honda’s hybrid sports cars in the current age.”

Though he didn’t reveal much, the Honda designer did point out that the team is checking out weight saving techniques like active aerodynamics and even using more aluminium for the car, something similar to the first NSX. However, Ebisawa indicated that the Japanese carmaker has other priorities such as more conventional hybrid cars over the hybrid sports cars.

Full article here.
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