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Honda Sales Up 10 Percent

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Honda Sales Up 10 Percent In August, Toyota Up 6.4 Percent

Daily selling rates are playing silly buggers with some of this month’s sales results, but the numbers in the headline reflect Automotive News [sub]’s calculations on a pure monthly basis. Since both Toyota and Honda’s official numbers are based on DSR though, they come out a bit higher. Either way, both firms saw increases in popular Cash For Clunker models, while trucks and luxury brands continued to sell slowly.

Honda’s Fit was a hands-down C4C winner, improving sales by nearly 200 percent to 13,593 units. Civic was up nearly 50 percent as well, while the hybrid Insight logged a mere 4,226 sales and the Accord dropped by about 5 percent. CR-V was the other big winner, up 58 percent to 30,284, only about 9k less than the Accord. On the Acura front, the TSX was up 7 percent while everything else fell by at least 37 percent.

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