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Honda Prepping Personal-Neo Urban Transport Concept For L.A. Auto Show

The future is a common theme at most auto shows, and the future most carmakers have seen lately is a highly compact, enviro-friendly urban environment. To remain relevant in such a market, cars will have to shrink, adapt and go very high-tech, at least if the concepts are to be believed. Honda's latest, the Personal-Neo Urban Transport--yes, P-NUT--offers a new look at that theme.

So far no photos of the car have been released, and Honda only describes it as an "ultra-compact, aggressively designed coupe." That sounds a lot like the 2011 Honda CR-Z, pictured here, so it might share some of the same styling elements. It will almost certainly be smaller and more compact, with a more upright, Toyota iQ-like stance, as most urban ultra-compacts tend to go this route.

Honda's Advanced Design Studio in Los Angeles designed the P-NUT, which though it's labeled a "concept" is also referred to as a "study model," a label which typically denotes a car not headed toward a production path, but rather built as a technology showcase, or a proof-of-concept layout.

The P-NUT certainly has all the hallmarks of a show-only car, and we'll know more as the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show approaches. TheCarConnection and the High Gear Media crew will be on hand at the show to bring you live coverage of this car and the rest of the event's surprises and unveilings, so be sure to keep an eye out the week of December 2 for more on this sprightly little Honda concept.

Link to article: Honda Prepping Personal-Neo Urban Transport Concept For L.A. Auto Show - The Car Connection
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