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Hybrid's Eco Assist glows green within speedometer when car is most efficient

Merely driving a hybrid doesn't make you green. It's how you drive your hybrid, and the new fifth-generation Insight tries to keep you honest. Insight's Eco Assist glows green within the speedometer if you're driving green, i.e., driving efficiently, and turns blue when you're cheating, or driving or braking too aggressively. The results are even tabulated by showing fuel-economy per drive, and over the life of the car with a numerical leaf graphic.


The result is mileage of 40 or 41 mpg combined city-highway driving. That's not quite as good as the Prius, but any savings at the pump will more than be made up at the dealership. A 10.5-gallon tank might not seem like much but, at these mileage figures, you'll get 400-plus miles on the long drive.

Power is regulated with a CVT (continuously variable transmission), which means acceleration is more gradual and smooth. No shifting jolts or clanks.

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