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Front Under Spoiler Color Finished $647.60

Side Spoiler $741.80

Rear Under Spoiler $706.48
Front Sports Grille $437.34

Grille Illumination $392.49

Carbon Number Plate Garnish $115.39

Rear Wing $1,000.84

Sports Exhaust System $1507.15

Front Sport Brake Pads $259.04

Rear Sport Brake Pads $223.72

5 ADJ. Suspension $1,989.91 Front and $1,989.91 Rear

17 inch Aluminum Wheel GP Gun Metallic $765.35 each
17 Inch Aluminum Wheel GP Bronze $765.35 each

17 Inch Aluminum Wheel NR Black Metal Coat $529.86 each

Mirror Finish $459.21 each

Silver Finish $447.43 each

i-TCMS Front $859.55 Rear $918.42

Carbon Room Mirror Cover $129.52

Shift Knob $115.39

Assist Meters $1,412.95

Sport Mats $270.82

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This picture of this angle of the Modulu CRZ is the best CRZ picture I've seen so far:

That's how the production model should look, in my opinion, minus the spoiler (which should be optional).

The chrome accents make it so much less knobby.

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i'm gonna have to disagree with you Analog... i like just about everything about the Modulo except the chrome stuff... so i'd toss that stuff on the bumper, mirror, a/b pillars... and that spoiler is so subtle and clean looking... i only have the ugly Mugen one and no spoiler to compare it to right now...
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