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Honda CRZ Interior thoughts

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Wanted to post a topic discussing the interior and everyones thoughts on it. What you think each button/knob/switch does and also how practical it looks.

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I just wonder how close this concept car is to the real thing. My guess is that it will look less futuristic and more traditional.
Don't expect that interior to be in the production model. Looks way to Jetsons/futuristic. Way to many blue lights / blue around the dash and only one big speedometer. I bet Honda will go back to normal gauges instead of a number display on the speedometer.

Other than then the main dash area, I could see the feel to be much the same. Other pictures seems to show racing style seats which I could see Honda including. As well looks like they are going with the two tone, maybe see a black/grey and probably a sand/white interior.

Looks to be lots of cabin area, as well as a decent behind the seat/trunk/rear storage area...hopefully not making the car feel like a cramped little CRX or S2000.
Impressive, yet impractical from the look. Love the white and black contrast.

Looks like radio and maybe cruise control options are on the steering wheel, I see some buttons.

No sign of paddle shifters or a clutch, maybe on purpose.

Can't make out what the two big buttons on the right say, they really stick out as plasticy though.

Assuming that huge knob in the center is the climate control.

A little farther out view.
Shows the ebrake handle, not sure what else is in/on the console. Just a WHOLE lotta white.
And that rearview mirror looks like its built for a massive truck!! A little large I think.
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Would comment but I don't think this will be the CRZ's final interior. We will see a much different one come production.
Would comment but I don't think this will be the CRZ's final interior. We will see a much different one come production.
Definetly Agree.
I wouldn't be surprised to see more and more interiors going more futuristic looking such as this and away from the conventional grey plastic. I have nightmares about GM plasticy interiors :blink:
How about the new interior??? Drastic change, no?

Also a more North American friendly version, thanks TimDH!

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My guess was wrong, back to plasticy! :eek: However, that big navi screen looks awesome, not to mention the cool blue gauges and two tone interior.

The door handles look massive though!
Would comment but I don't think this will be the CRZ's final interior. We will see a much different one come production.
Man I'm smart!! :thumbup: :lol:

On a serious note, I love the new interior. As I posted in the picture thread, the cockpit looks like it would really put the driver in full control. An immersive feeling with the car. Of course we really won't know till we drive one.
IMO the interior before AND after is way too busy. If Honda is trying to make a sports car, then the fewer buttons the better. That's why I like my CRX, everything is simple.

The last thing horrible American drivers need are more distractions, especially in a sports car.
The door handles look massive though!
Think those are grips. THe doorhandles are the petite ovals above the hand grips.
IMO the interior before AND after is way too busy.

My eyes are moving left and right and back and forth trying to figure out what I'm looking at. Seems like a ton of stuff compacted into a small area. Maybe its just because everything is lite up in blue.

And personally.....I hate the steering wheel. Don't ask why, I just don't like it. I'm driving a 2 seater sports car, not an Accord. Do something cooler with the steering wheel please.
I think its the Navi-system screen that is making it look 'extra' busy. Perhaps if it was turned off or not there, it would be less busy.
So does this mean Navi will be standard? Looks like its pretty 'built' in and around. Like its meant to fit into the interior no matter what. Would be a great factory option.
No leather interior? Why just cloth? Will leather be an option?
At this point, with the pricing rumours that have been released, I would say leather will not be an option. Mainly (and just my guess) to keep the pricing down and to keep the CRZ an affordable sporty hybrid with many standard 'luxury' features.
I'll give up leather if a/c is standard!! Us Floridans need air conditioning
Checking out the new interior, I still don't expect this to be the final interior. There will once again be a new interior styling at Tokyo later in the week. Obviously due to time it won't be as big of a change from the concept to the production, but I would expect to see better arrangement of the gauges as well as the Navi-system. Wouldn't be overly surprised to see the navigation screen completely dropped to stay at a competitive price.

Maybe even see a new color combination in the interior, perhaps a darker gray/black cloth.
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