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Another reply from Honda UK to some follow up questions:

Thank you for your reply.

The 8 year warranty was provided on the Civic Hybrid and Insight, however it has not for the CR-Z.
The rumour that the batteries only last 7 years is totally unjustified. Honda UK has reduced the warranty coverage on IMA as it generally is not required to provide such a long coverage.
With regards to cost of replacement battery, we are unable to clarify this as this will also depend on dealer labour rates which alter from dealer to dealer.
We hope this clarifies your query.
They reduced the warranty because it is generally not required?
If they mean the battery generally doesn't need any servicing for 8 years, then why wouldn't they just leave it at 8 years? If their claim is true then it doesn't cost them anything.

I really hope they come up with a non hybrid version (less expensive too). Or I might just opt for the Kia Forte Koup or wait for the 9th Gen Civic.
1 - 1 of 58 Posts
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