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Agreed 100%...what in the world were they thinking in comparing it to a BMW? Definately should be in the same overall class as the Mini Cooper, VW Polo, Mazda3, Citroen D3, Renault's hatches, possibly the Ford Fiesta, and most notably the upcoming Hyundai "Veloster"...which is the dirrection that I'll be heading in depending on how the American CR-Z shakes out: Spy Photos: Hyundai Veloster Caught...Again
did you look at prices, with a little haggling you can get the base 118d bmw for nearly £20k, which is the same as the top end CR-Z! Both are an economical 2/3dr city cars, so its a real alternative. But yes Mini and DS3 are probably closest premuim hatch rivals, and the Audi A1 when released, but the 1 series is in there
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