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Honda CR-Z VS. Rivals

Fast, frugal and fun; Honda’s new CR-Z aims to be all three. Nothing unusual about that, but the coupé has a hi-tech hybrid powerplant – which normally focus on low emissions and big economy.

So does the CR-Z live up to its billing?

The petrol-electric drivetrain produces 122bhp, and claimed fuel economy of 56.4mpg. It propels the CR-Z from 0-60mph in less than 10 seconds, while a manual gearbox – a first for a hybrid – points to an entertaining driving experience.

For the CR-Z’s first group test, we’ve lined up two cars that offer a similar mix of pace and efficiency. Renault’s Mégane Coupé comes with a 1.5-litre dCi diesel, and promises to be even more economical than the Honda, and put out less CO2.

A nimble chassis, value for money price tag and practical interior take care of the rest.

The third car in our line-up is the BMW 118d Coupé. It offers low emissions and impressive economy in a premium package, and it’s close on price to the top-spec CR-Z GT tested here. All three cars provide different driving experiences with the same aim in mind. The question is, which one does it the best?

Article Found At: Honda CR-Z vs. rivals | Car Group Tests | Car Reviews | Auto Express
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