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With the rumors and news releases of a Honda CR-Z Type R its time to start a thread to discuss and list all the specifications of the Honda CR-Z Type R. Will try to keep it as up to date as possible, if you have new info please post it and I will update this post ASAP.

What we know so far:

Engine worked on by Mugen

1.5-litre engine to be cranked up to around 150bhp and mated to a larger 50bhp electric motor

HP: 200bhp
MPG: 45mpg
0-60mph - approx. 6 secs (3 secs faster than the stock CR-Z)
Top speed: 140mph.

6 speed manual gearbox

Body modifications:

  • A tarmac-hugging bodykit
  • Daytime running lights in the front apron
  • Black rear diffuser with integrated exhaust pipes
  • A black bonnet
  • Wing mirrors
  • Wheels set against an alpine-white paint scheme will make the CR-Z stand out in a crowd
  • Blacked-out A-pillars are a new styling cue - giving the impression of a glass area that wraps around the car.

Upgraded brakes and stiffened suspension

Should debut at next year’s Tokyo Motor Show

Release Date:

Japan in late 2011
UK few months after Japan
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