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man its stuff like this that almost makes me not want to get this car.................i said almost..........i mean y in the world does every car company think thay have to "dumb down" their cars for the american market i just dont get it so no smart key system then not even the flip key WTF!!!
There are a lot of places to put that blame... Paris, Britney, Jessica... I could go on :p Blame TV! The TV made me do it!

I must admit though, I really don't get why the USDM version is so different from the EDM/JDM car. Maybe Honda watch too much reality TV too? It does seem that Americans do take a lot of shit and tend to be stereotyped. Top Gear anyone? "It's American, it's spordy!". I must admit, I've only been to Canada when I've visited your side of the pond. I do game a lot with ppl from the US though, so I guess I know better.

I should really stop posting this late, my post is probably all silly and stuff. Sorry if it is ;)
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